STRONGBACK ROOTS (Morinda royoc)

STRONGBACK ROOTS (Morinda royoc)

Strong back (Morinda royoc ) belong to the Rubeacaea family that also includes coffee, it's a close relative to Noni. 
Its is native to south America and the Caribbean islands.
In the Caribbean it is regarded as a potent tonic that help to energise the body, relax and strengthen various muscles, especially those in the back and the lungs. 

Its is a great herb for people suffering from fatigue and and low energy especially after illness.

It can also lift the mood and help in cases of depression. 

In Jamaica , cuba and most of the islands it is regarded as a aphrodisiac herbs that increases stamina and performance and help in cases of erectile dysfunction. The plant poses a wide range of phytochemicals such as antroquinone, flavonoids and polyphenols Which as been shown to offer many health benefits such as: antimicrobial, antioxidants, antiinflammatory anticancer and a lot more.