Soursop leaves 25g (Graviola leaves  or Guanabana leaves)

Soursop leaves 25g (Graviola leaves or Guanabana leaves)


Common name : Soursop


leaves Scientific: name Annona muricata


Family: Annanaceae

Soursop also known as graviolo or Guanabana is common fruit that is enjoyed thoughout the tropics . It has along history of traditional use in many indigenous communities in africa and South america, where it is use to support the nervous systen, relief pain and boost the immune system to protect the body against various ailments.


Various scientific investigation into the some of its traditional usage have substantiate thes activities, which include anticancer, anticonvulsant anti-arthritic, anti parasitic antimalaria, hepatoprotective and antidiabetic activities.


The leaves, roots, bark and fruit of Soursop tree as been shown to contain over 100 phytochemical compounds known as annonaceous acetogenins.  These compounds posses powerful antioxident properties that protect the cells in the bodie.



take 3 to 5 leave and bring to boil in a cup of water for 10min, 



alway seek medical advice if you have been diognose with a sevare condition. the imformation on this page is only  for education and not to treat, diognose or replace medical advice.