Meno support tea

Meno support tea


Formulated with a blend of herbs that has been traditionally used to support women during their menopause.


It contain herbs such as Vitex angus castus, Lady's mantle, Red Clover and Sage.


Here's some edu-info on the POWER-ful herbs used in this tea:

🌿Vitex angus castus:-

Traditionaly used to treat menopausal symptoms, menstrual irregularities along with other ailment such as migrain, headache, acne and nervousness.

It as also been used to balance female hormone such as estrogen and progesterone.


🌿Red Clover (Trifolium pratense):-


Red clover contains phytoestrogen compound known as isoflavones, which act in the body like estrogen. Some studies suggest it might be useful in menopause to reduce symptoms like hot flashes.


🌿Salvia Officinalis:-

Sage have been used traditionally to reduce hot flashes and night sweating in menopause.


Quick n' Easy Directions:

1. Shake bag to mix all content well.

2. Infuse 1 table spoon in a cup of hot water.

3. Let it infuse for 10-15 min then consume.