Medina (Alysicarpus vaginalis )

Is a member of the Frabieacea family of legumes plants. It is a common low growing plant that can be  found growing abundantly In grass lands across the tropics.

Usages : 
Mindina is widely use as a animal fader to feed live stock and as a natural manure to reintroduce mineral and vitality to depleted soil.

in Jamaica medina is revered as a tonic  and aphrodisiac to  increase strength , stamina and libido. Legend has it that men start to consume it after they observed that it increases speed and performance in races horse at a popular race track in the island. 

In Africa it is used for kidney diseases and urinary tract infections. 

In Asia it is widely use for cold and reducing fever.


Take a small amount of the dried plant,  boil for 10min, leave to cool the consume .
You can also add a sweatner of choice. 

Not recommended for pregnant women.
 Always consult with you medical practitioners before using herbal medicine if you're on any life saving medication or receiving treatment for any serious condition 

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