Jamaican Vervain (stachytarpheta jamaicenensis)50g

Jamaican Vervain (stachytarpheta jamaicenensis)50g

Jamaican vervain (Stachytarpheta jamaicenensis ) is a member of the vervinacea family. It is an extremely useful medicinal plant that is grow throughout the tropic.

Traditional use:
S. Jamaicenensis has been use as a medicinal herbs in various cultures around the world, to treat a wide range of ailments. 

Traditionally believed to be good for : 
Nerve pain 
High blood pressure
Bacterial infections.
Protecting the liver 
Easing menstrual pains 
toning the uterus 
Increase milk production 

1 Boil or infuse a small amount (5g) in 1 cup of hot water, 
2 leave to cool to a suitable temperature 

3 Drink upto 3times daily 

Do not consume if pregnant 
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