Immune Tonic Bitters 300ml

Immune Tonic Bitters 300ml


Our immune tonic Bitters is Formulated with a lot of care and love, using an old alchemical process that macerate the herbs in an vinegar menstruum for a full moon cycle from the new moon to the full moon.

It is a 4:1 concentration of 17 herbs that as been traditionally use to support and detoxify the body.

It is bitter but tasty, aromatic and refreshing due to various aromatic herbs such as ginger and fennel, orange peel and fennel.

It regulates all the major systems in the body such as the Digestive, immune, respiratory and circulatory system.

It detoxify and protect the liver through the production and excretion of Bile that help in the elimination of waste and toxins frome the body.

One of the chief bitter herbs in this formula, is Adrographis paniculata, which is also known as king of the Bitters and rice Bitters .

Adrographis has been use traditionally used to treat various ailments , such as viral and bacterial Infections , diabetes , respiratory diseases, IBS, ulcers and other digestive ailments.

It has been shown to boost the immune system in various studies.

Other herbs in our tonic include:

Olive leaves (Olea europeae, Cyanaria sculymus (artichoke leaves), Taraxicum officinalis (Dandelion), Artium loppa (Dandelion), Achillea millefolium (yarrow), Artemisia Vulgaris (mugwort), calendula officinalis (marigold), Harpagaphytum procumbens (devils claw), junipers communis, (Juniper Berries), Foeniculum vulgare (fennel seeds), zingeber officinalis (ginger), cinnamon, orange pee , angelicae and apple cider vinegar.