Guinea Hen weed  (Petiveria alliacea) 50g

Guinea Hen weed (Petiveria alliacea) 50g

Guinea hen weed is a wild perennial shrub that grow throughout the Caribbean, south America and Africa. The plant has a pungent garlic like scent that can be smelled from a far. 

Traditionally Guinea hen weed has been use to modulate the immune system, treat fevers, flu, muscle and arthritic pain and for various forms of cancer.
Its reputation for treating cancer started in Nicaragua where cows with leukaemia was left in the field to die, The cow started to feed on the Guinea hen weed and got better. Since then various research has been conducted to determine the anticancer effects of the plant.
Numerous studies as shown that Guinea hen weed contain various cytotoxic phytochemicals that destroy or inhibits cancer cells. The plant contains a class of compounds know as polysulfide along with various terpenoids, flavonoids and polyphenols. 

Studies carried out by Rossi et al and Jovicevic et al to determine the antiproliferative action of P. alliacea on cancer cells in an in vivo trial, found that the plant inhibits the proliferation of cancer cells by 80 - 90 %.


Take a small of the dried plant on boil for 10min, leave to cool the consume .
You can also add a sweatner of choice. 

Not recommended for pregnant women. Always consult with you medical practitioners before using herbal medicine if your on any life saving medication or receiving treatment for any serious condition 

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Always seek medical advice from a qualified physician when treating any forms of cancer.