Dandilion root

Dandilion root


Common name:


Scientific name: Taraxacum Officinalis 

 Part used: Root

Dandelion is common a native herb to most of the northern hemisphere. It has a floret of bright yellow flowers and can be seen growing abundantly in meadows and roadside.


Traditional usage:

Dandelion has been used traditionally to purify the blood and cleanse the body of toxins.

It is also a mildly bitter and laxative herb that helps to support the liver and improve digestive health by relieving gastric discomfort. In some parts of Europe, it is used to treat rheumatic pain.


Boil 1tablespoon of the root in a cup water for 15min, take off the fire, leave to cool for 5 minutes then, drink. Ingredients: Dandelion root, organically sourced.


Quality assurance:

Even though we are not currently organically certified due to cost, all our herbs are sourced from suppliers that uphold some of the highest organic standards to guarantee that our products or free from adulterants and heavy metal contamination.



Has a natural diuretic effect, may increase the frequency of urination. Don't take if you are pregnant, consult with a qualified medical practitioner, if you're on other medications.