Chaney root (smilax balbisiana) 100g

Chaney root (smilax balbisiana) 100g

Chaney root ( Smilax balbisiana) is member of the Smilacaceae family. It is a close relative to sarsaparilla who also  belongs to the same smilax genre. 

Chaney root is well revered in jamaican folk medicine. It is use as a tonics  to strengthen the body,   increase  energy level and as an aphrodisiac to treat low libido and erectile dysfunction.

Other traditional usage:

Chaney root as been use to treat various skin infections such ulcer, leprosy, eczema and acne. It has alterative action that cleanse the blood of impurities and excess heath

Arthritic pain 
Cheney root poses antiinflammatory  properties that has been shown reduce arthritis and rheumatism is various studies.

Blood builder
 The plant contains a rich source of iron and magnesium and has been use traditionally to treat anemia and to improve the health of red blood cell .

Chaney root along with sarsaparilla and other members of the smilax family has been shown to be active against various bacterias, members of this family was once revered in the middle ages for treating syphilis and smallpox. 

Immune system 
Chaney root has been shown to modulate the immune system and reduce the effect of an overactive immune system.  


Boil a small amount for for 30min and consume every morning. 

In the Caribbean it is boil together with sarsaparilla,  strongback and medina and other herbs to make tonic.