Aloe Vera Wheat Grass Juice 1000ml

Aloe Vera Wheat Grass Juice 1000ml

This is a combination of two powerful detoxifying  plant. Long ago People have recognised the healing and moisturising properties of the aloe plant. Wheatgrass is a powerful detoxifier and liver protector. The enzymes and amino acid found in wheatgrass can protect us from carcinogens like no other food or medicine. It strengthens our cells, detoxifies the liver, bloodstream  and neutralise environmental pollutions. Wheatgrass also stimulates metabolism and body enzymes by enriching the blood. It is also aid in reducing blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels.

Botanical names:
Aloe barbadensis miller, Tricticum aestivum

Other traditionally know benefit:
. Help increase Hemoglobin, in blood
. Help Maintain and promote digestion .
. Help maintain healthy weight and healthy skin.
. Helps in detoxification of blood, resolves foul odours of breath and sweat.

. Help control blood sugar levels

Dosage 30ml twice daily